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Sell My House Fast. We Buy Houses.
CEO Brett Holton with two happy home sellers.

14 Day Realty is a professional real estate investment company. We aim to provide solutions to those that look to Sell My Home Fast. Yes we are a we buy houses fast company, but our end goal is always to provide sellers with the proper solution for their situation.

14 Day Realty currently does business in Cincinnati and Louisville markets. We have helped sellers in a variety of situations including, divorce, foreclosure, abandoned property, property stuck in probate, and landlords with problem tenants.


When we get a call, our first job is to listen. Many times you have a problem that we are able to offer a solution for. We Buy Houses in any condition, and chances are, your situation is something that we have come across before and will not keep us from helping you to sell your home fast.


Cash Offers

No matter your situation or the condition of your home, we will be able to provide you with a cash offer on your home. This offer comes with no obligation, and will be good for at least 90 days after the offer is made. We understand that this is often a stressful and difficult decision to make, and we do the best to work with each seller to do what is best for their individual situation.

Close on Your Terms

We aren’t just called 14 Day Realty because it is catchy. We help sellers everyday wondering where they can go to “Sell My House Fast”. We are able to close on homes and pay cash in as little as 14 days or quicker. But, not every seller is in the same situation. Often times, you need time to find your next place to live, to wait for a tenant to get out, or to come to a final decision. 14 Day Realty will close on your terms, whether that is quickly or some time is needed. .

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